PB1 - YMCHA - Deliverable 2.1.1 - Project Communication Plan

The communication plan of the project “PROMO - YMC(H)A” serves as a guide to the communication and dissemination activities, throughout the project’s duration. Its aim is to increase awareness of the general public and/ or specific audience, to ensure the dissemination of results to a wider audience, public and stakeholders and furthermore to provide the opportunity for results to be capitalized by policy makers in the Programme area. In addition, it ensures efficient communication among project partners. It contains information on the project target groups, the communication objectives, the communication channels and tools that will be used, the communication budget and the time plan. The general strategy that follows outlines the communication objectives, the target groups, and the core message, and thus sets the basis for the elaboration of the communication plan. The Communication plan describes the project’s communication strategy allowing PBs to work easier and more consistent, pointing out responsibilities and activities.

Communication Plan

Template for Billboard & Information Sign

Template for Stickers

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