PB1 - YMCHA - Deliverable 2.1.3 Development, Production and Dissemination of printed, electronic & promotional material

The Project Information and Publicity Strategy is based on active collaboration with key stakeholders, ensuring that all project partners participate and try to communicate the project results to stakeholders, organizations and individuals. The aim will be to familiarize with the results, so that they can be used by the institutions and stakeholders at the cross-border and transnational level, so that everyone can know and benefit. The communication and dissemination of the project (through various selected actions) aims at publicizing and disseminating the results of the project to the general public as well as to the interested target groups. The Contractor undertook the production of the following for the project which will be offered as special souvenirs to participants in events, workshops, etc., selected partners - visitors, etc., in order to maximize the dissemination of the results of the project: USBs, leaflets, roller banners, banners, promo flags, stationery, envelopes, notepads.

Banner 1 English

Banner 1 Greek

Banner 2 English

Banner 2 Greek

Flyer Greek

Flyer English

Folder English

Folder Greek

Note English

Promo Flag 1 English

Promo Flag 1 Greek

Promo Flag 2 English

Promo Flag 2 Greek

Roller Banner 1 English

Roller Banner 1 Greek

Roller Banner 2 English

Roller Banner 2 Greek

Contact Information

N. Germanou 1 - Plateia ΧΑΝΘ Post Code 54621 , Thessaloniki


(+30) 2316 001 000

(+30) 2310 264 502



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