PB1 - YMCHA - Deliverable 5.1.3 Interactive games using motion sensing devices (4 games)

The specific deliverable concerns the interactive games that simulate sports activities. During these games the user interacts with the screen following a series of processes which are timed internally. These processes include visual or auditory stimuli to which the user is asked to react in a specific way. The choice of these stimuli is such that a number of useful information can be extracted from the user's reaction. The user's reaction time to the stimuli is measured with great precision by the application, stored and evaluated so that the application can, with the completion of the games, evaluate the user's abilities. At the same time, there is the possibility of comparative evaluation of the results by comparing the performance between the users but also with the performance of well-known athletes. The games are designed to offer an interesting aesthetically pleasing user interface that is very simple to operate. The specific games were made in 3 languages, Greek English and Bulgarian.

Virtual Games Greek

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