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Cross Border area hosts a wealth of cultural resources both tangible and intangible which have to be protected and promoted. Suitable legal instruments has been introduced, adopted and complied with various international regulations and conventions. However, the management of the cultural heritage does not stop there. Nowadays, it incorporates spatial planning, combats illicit trade of antiquities, unifies sites, engages local societies and ensures the conditions required for its rational use and promotion. PROMO - YMC(H)A reflects the jointly identified need to conserve, protect, and promote sports and sports educational programmes.

At the same time, partners face the challenge of providing the appropriate facilities, and a need to mainstream the protection and promotion of cultural heritage in several aspects of everyday life. The project structure includes 6 steps/actions. The structure is designed in a way to cover all the individual objectives and produce concrete and quantifiable results in terms of deliverables.

The 6 steps/actions are:
WP1“Management and Coordination” includes the preparation activities that must be set up before the beginning and during the project’s implementation in order to define and implement the organizational structure, decision making and quality assurance processes that all beneficiaries must apply in coordination with the Lead Beneficiary. It will also define the financial monitoring-reporting procedure, the establishment of expert groups and the project meetings, in which all the beneficiaries have to cooperate.

WP2 “Project Communication & Dissemination” includes organization of conferences (LB & PB2), local events that will be organized by each beneficiary, promotional actions on mass media, production of publicity material (printed, electronic) from PB2, conduction of workshops and communication plan for all beneficiaries which will be drafted by the Lead Beneficiary and distributed to PBs.

WP3 “Technical capacity and transfer of Know-How” LB in cooperation with PB2 & PB4 will develop the Best Practices Guide on promotion of sports heritage. LB3 with involve in the digitalization of documents and material (Digitalization of the cultural & sports heritage of the area for the info-kiosk and creation of a smartphone app). LB will produce a Book/Album for YMCA Basketball History. 

WP4 “Facilities Modernization & Rehabilitation” includes the rehabilitation of the Basket Museum in Thessaloniki. Sports facilities improvement for PB2 (the existing sports facilities will be renovated through covering the tennis courts with a steel structure with roof fabric/vinyl, in order to be visited throughout the year, montage of a movable warm walkway (a lightweight moveable structure) between the sports facilities and the building with the changing rooms). Sports facilities improvement for PB3, including improvement of the main entrance, construction of showcases for installation and viewing exhibits lighting, signage, exterior painting, frames maintenance, improving visitor reception area, gym station, replacement of the electronic score-board. 

WP5 “Design of e-platform about sports integration” LB will involve in E- Learning Platform Tool (Multilanguage E-platform from YMCA as Lead Beneficiary will have as deliverable the construction of the e-platform and its application), and E-Platform operation via the development of e-learning, and applications. All partners (including LB) will involve in E-Platform operation via the contribution to the context of the e-platform concerning the project implementation. 

WP6 “Instructive Initiatives for Youth Awareness” includes specialized seminars and workshops for Youth (LB, PB2, PB3, PB4), development of an innovative educational program for schools, and exchange student visits (LB & PB3), production of educational material (LB) for all beneficiaries which will be drafted by the Lead Beneficiary and distributed to PBs. Finally, LB and PB2 will cooperate in the development of athletic tournaments (Basketball tournament between Thessaloniki Basketball Academies and Blagoevgrad). Additionally, PB4 will organize 1 networking events (seminars and special events in Thessaloniki and Blagoevgrad), and also PB2 will organize entertainment tournaments in order to conduct biometric measurements of the participants in Blagoevgrad.


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