Expected Results

This project constitutes an important effort for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage in the CB area, in order to extend the tourist season throughout the year and to raise cultural awareness and promote cooperation between the actors in the cross border area of Greece – Bulgaria. More specific its results are:
1. Preserve, promote and develop sports and sports educational programmes, in order to strength their attractiveness to young people, provide valuable tools for schools, and international visitors.
2. The establishment of the cultural assets as educational institution and lifelong operation based on international standards.
3. The increase of the number of the visitors (students, athletes, tourist flows).
4. Convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusiveness and cultural awareness.

5. Ιncrease the quantity of young people and teachers to use the emerging services that are fully available on the Internet, increase international visibility.
6. Developing educational applications that will enhance cultural awareness, particularly related to traditional games.
7. Making the cultural heritage accessible to the people with special needs.
8. Support and create new jobs in the cultural sector and the field of new technologies (such as Archaeologist - Museologist, Scholar-educator (specialized in designing curricula), Dr of Sport Psychology (with experience in designing curricula).
The project results are fully aligned with the programme result indicators as intend to increase attractiveness of cultural assets for local and international visitors and increased tourist traffic in CB area.

Contact Information

N. Germanou 1 - Plateia ΧΑΝΘ Post Code 54621 , Thessaloniki


(+30) 2316 001 000

(+30) 2310 264 502



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