Expected Outputs



The project’s main outputs that will be delivered are:
1. Best Practices Guide on sustainably sports and cultural heritage promotion
2. Project website development-social media-mobile application
3. Soft improvements to the facilities for rehabilitation and protection to the Basket Museum in Thessaloniki and in the University of Blagoevgrad
4. Modification of open sports sites in Thessaloniki
5. Youth cross-border exchanges- Educational Visits
6. Development of an innovative educational program for schools
7. Interactive games using motion sensing devices
8. Design of E- Learning Platform Tool
9.Organization of a Basketball Tournament
10. Digitalization of the athletic heritage
These outputs are closely linked to the specific objective 4 output indicators as the project intends to increase the number of visits to supported sites of cultural heritage and attractions and the number of cultural assets rehabilitated.

Τhe cultural assets rehabilitated referred to the Basket Museum improvement of the LB, the facilities in Evosmos Stadium and the facilities in the Modernization of SWU`s sports facilities. The increase in expected number of visits will be succeeded with the specific actions about the awareness activities that will be implemented balanced in every partner's area. So every year the tourist flow will be increased in PBs facilities. Additionally, this Project fulfills the Specific Objective which is the integration of tourist destinations.
Finally, the Project will satisfy the horizontal issues of the Programme, such as:

a) the sustainable development via the increase of tourist flows,

b) equal opportunities and non-discrimination and

c) equality between men and women via encouraging the participation of both sexes.

Contact Information

N. Germanou 1 - Plateia ΧΑΝΘ Post Code 54621 , Thessaloniki


(+30) 2316 001 000

(+30) 2310 264 502



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