The project will contribute to an improved approach to maximize the capacity of existing and new facilities and experience and good practice and stronger political commitment within participating communities to be actively involved in sports, as one of the main priorities for the local, regional and national authorities from the cross border cooperation area of Greece and Bulgaria is the promotion and preservation of sports heritage.
Related sub-objectives:
1. Common guidance on sustainably promotion of sports and cultural heritage for tourist purposes (good practice) and sharing existing experience among partners.
2. Open dialogue between research centers, sports centers, sports associations, youth centers, policymakers, local organizations, NGO’s and the public.
3. To engage with a wider stakeholder network, including sports associations, as the Greek Basket Association, through dissemination activities including youth exchanges, training, and regional and international events.

4. Organization of educational tours (schools, associations, athletic clubs), sports festivals.
5. Design of a platform which will integrate a summary of the sports history, information about the upcoming festivals and regional and international events and information about the athletic associations located in the cross border region.
6. Museum modernization, including multimedia and ICT applications.
7. Digitalization of documentation and other interesting material, related to the past, present and future of sports.
8. To develop cooperatively works (renovation and soft construction) contributing to the promotion of sports.
9. Development of a strategic plan via a well-targeted, common promotion campaign and development of tourist spots.

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